Axel Kilian

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Assistant Professor, Computational Design
Dipl-Ing. in Architecture, University of the Arts Berlin
SMarchS in Architecture Studies, Design and Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Design and Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office: Architecture Building S-05
Email: akilian at
Phone: 609-258-3747

Axel Kilian joined the faculty in 2009. He previously taught Computational Design and Studios in Architectural Engineering at Delft University of Technology and workshops and studio in the Department of Architecture at MIT. Since 2003 he has been a tutor in the Smart Geometry workshops and in 2009 in the conference program. Beyond that he taught many programming and parametric design workshops in Europe and the US. In 2008 he co-chaired the conference “Advances in Architectural Geometry – AAG08” in Vienna together with Prof. Dr. H. Pottmann and M. Hofer. Through he consulted for Bentley Systems, designtoproduction, Hamilton Architects, worked for Metadesign, and collaborated with the Kinetic Design Group at MIT and the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. Mr. Kilian has lectured widely on his Ph.D. research on the role of computational design in design exploration and published extensively on the topic in technical journals. His most recent publications include Architectural Geometry (Exton, PA: Bentley Institute Press, 2007), a textbook developed with Prof. Dr. H. Pottmann, Chair of Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry at TU Vienna, A. Asperl and M. Hofer; as well as numerous articles in lASS Journal, 306090, Caadria, and IJAC. His work has been exhibited in Architecture “Beyond Forms -the Computational Turn” at the Maison de l'Architecture et de la Ville in Marseille; and in “Scripted by Purpose” at FUEL Collection, Philadelphia.

Recent Courses
ARC 374: Computational Design (Fall Semester)
ARC 505B: Architecture Design Studio (Fall 2015)
ARC 575: Proseminar - Computation, Energy and Technology in Architecture (Fall 2015)
ARC 557: The Modeling Complex (Fall 2014)