F'14 Studio: Mark Acciari

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Cinder Stack

Closed storefronts and a small parking lot flank the vacant streets. Streetlamps, damp with the early morning dew, gently illuminate the sidewalk as the rising sun offsets their luminance. The occasional car or biker disrupts the peace, but only for a few moments. Over in the corner of the lot, over by the trashcans, where you can really hear the burr of the HVAC system, sits a stack of cinder blocks.


M: How does that one go?
T: Something about an apartment for a burgeoning hip-hop trio named AyeBayBae...
This project divides a three-flat into four quadrants and inserts vertical circulation at its cross. Living spaces are rearranged as each of the three tenants occupies all three floors. Column placements shift to designate room assignment.