Axel Kilian

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Assistant Professor, Computational Design
Dipl-Ing. in Architecture, University of the Arts Berlin
SMarchS in Architecture Studies, Design and Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Design and Computation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office: Architecture Building S-05
Email: akilian at
Phone: 609-258-3747

Axel Kilian joined the faculty in 2009. He previously taught as an Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology and as a Post Doctoral Associate in the Department of Architecture at MIT where he received his PhD in Computation and an SMarchS in Design and Computation. He also holds a professional degree in architecture from the University of the Arts in Berlin. At Princeton he started the research area of Embodied Computation, and jointly developed the new Embodied Computation Lab at the school of Architecture opened in the Spring of 2017. Embodied Computation encompases how design reaches beyond the creation of the physical construct through programming feedback and control and  how architectural robotics can develop as autonomous buildings. To support the research Axel Kilian aquired a robotic arm from BMW in 2013 and is developing architecture specific robotics both in teaching and in his own research.

Recent Courses
ARC 374: Computing and Representation (Fall 2017)
ARC 505B: Graduate Vertical Studio (Fall 2017)
ARC 573: Proseminar - Computation, Energy and Technology in Architecture (Fall 2017)