Computer-Aided Design and Imaging Facility

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The Computer-aided Design and Imaging Facility is a cluster of workstations and peripherals maintained for the purpose of helping students and faculty to embrace the latest developments in computer-aided design in their work. Computing is an integral part of nearly all aspects of architectural design and research today. The School is committed to training all students in the productive use of the most advanced design and imaging technologies, as well as leading the field in the critical examination of the implications of these new technologies in architecture and urbanism. Drawing on a broad range of sources and expertise, students and faculty engage in an open-ended investigation of the new potentials for computer technology within the specific demands of architecture as a discipline. These include spatial modeling, simulation of program and use, the generation of formal and organizational strategies and rapid prototyping.

Faculty and support staff are continually reviewing new software and other developments in the field to ensure that the most appropriate and up-to-date software and equipment are available for student use.