Fall AI Appointments

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All graduate students who wish to be considered for an Assistant-in-Instruction (AI) appointment for the Fall 2017 semester must submit an application online through the School of Architecture’s website here: http://soa.princeton.edu/ai-app-formNote: Students will need to log into the SoA website to view this application. Applications must be received no later than 12:00 PM on July 14, 2017 

As part of the online questionnaire, students should upload an up-to-date resume/CV (to be submitted as a PDF file).

There is mandatory training for all first-time AIs on September 7-8, 2017.  This is a requirement of the Graduate School, regardless of previous teaching experience, and is taught by The McGraw Center.  There is no make-up date -- if you cannot attend this training session, you cannot be an AI.

Please note:

  1. The number of AI positions and hours assigned to each AI is determined by the Dean of the Faculty and is absolute. The position is also dependent on enrollment. If a course does not meet the required enrollment number, the AI appointment will be cancelled. The department is under no obligation to replace this appointment.
  2. Ph.D. students who are in ET/DCC status are ineligible for AI positions.
  3. Only PhD students and M.Arch students in thesis semester are eligible to serve as AIs for graduate studios, unless otherwise specified.
  4. In order to AI a course, students must be available at the times listed with each course on the Registrar's website
  5. Selection of AIs is at the discretion of the faculty member teaching each course and is subject to approval by the DGS.

The courses requiring AIs are as follows:

ARC 203: Introduction to Architectural Thinking (1 AI hour)
Julian Rose

ARC 308: History of Architectural Theory
Lucia Allais

ARC 205: Interdisciplinary Design Studio (requires fall recess travel)
Mario Gandelsonas

ARC 311: Building Science and Technology: Building Systems 
Mitch McEwen

ARC 350: Junior Studio 
Gia Wolff

ARC 374: Computational Design
Axel Kilian

ARC 403: Topics in the History and Theory of Architecture
Samia Henni

ARC 404: Advanced Design Studio 
Annie Barrett

ARC 501: Architecture Design Studio
Michael Meredith

ARC 503: Integrated Building Studio
Jesse Reiser

ARC 505A: Architecture Design Studio
Pascal Flammer

ARC 505B: Architecture Design Studio
Axel Kilian

ARC 505C: Architecture Design Studio
Christina Diaz Moreno, Efren Grinda

ARC 507:  Post-ProfessionalThesis Studio
Michael Meredith

ARC 530: M. Arch Thesis Seminar
Elizabeth Diller
(Ph.D. student preferred; student should also be available to serve as AI for ARC 508 in the spring 2018 semester)