Ph.D. Candidate Ivan L. Munuera Contributes to "Night Fever. Designing Club Culture 1960 - Today"

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Ph.D. candidate Ivan L. Munuera is participating in the exhibition Night Fever. Designing Club Culture 1960 – Today at Vitra Museum with the piece DISCOTECTURE: The Bodily Regime of Archisocial Exploration. In his contribution to the exhibition and accompanying book, Munuera explores the architecture and design of New York City nightclubs from the early 1960s until the mid-1990s, a period when the configuration of these spaces was understood as an event where chemical regimes, music and acoustics, a presence in diverse media, artistic interventions, bodies and subjects, politics and activisms, the connection with the urban planning, and the lighting system—just to name a few of its diverse agents—together created an environment that still challenges architecture as a discipline. 

The exhibition is on view now through September 9, 2018.