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The Zund is for the explicit use of Princeton University School of Architecture students. Individuals who would like to use the machine must first complete the tutorial process, held at scheduled times throughout the semester. Most features of the machine are free to use 24/7. However, the EOT and Router tools are restricted to regular shop hours. The policies surrounding the machine are as follows:


  1. The shop is not required to supply blades or end mills for use. For best results, students should purchase their own cutting tools and keep them sharp and secure.  

  2. Students are responsible for clean-up after every file has been run.

  3. The scrap bin is for useable scrap only. Please dispose of trash in the trash bin either in the room, or in another shop.

  4. Any forgotten cutting tools are subject to forfeiture and will be taken.

  5. Old cutting tools must be disposed of properly in a yellow used blade holder mounted on the wall.

  6. Material will not be kept in the shop for holding. Any material found in the shop is subject to being discarded.

  7. Any damage to the machine must be reported in email to soashops@princeton.edu immediately. Proper communication will help keep the machining running smoothly.

  8. Only sanctioned Zund tools are allowed to be used to operate the machine unless approved by shop staff. Please do not attempt to repair any damages.

  9. You must properly test cut every cutting method before starting the file

  10. All shop safety precautions and regulations must be followed within the Zund room.


Failure to comply with the above policies may result in removal of your privileges.


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Tips and Tricks_


  1. Be prepared to test cut multiple times in order to get you cut just right, especially when scoring.

  2. The Zund cut editor can be used for advanced machine control. Take a look at the options within the cut editor when you have some time.

  3. Buy your own blades and take care of them. Investing money in a few good blades will always be better than buying cheap or using found blades.

  4. The machine moves quickly. Be prepared to stop it if a part lifts up.