Laser Shop

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Laser Shop



The Laser Cutters are for the explicit use of Princeton University School of Architecture students. Individuals who would like to use the machine must first complete the tutorial process, held at scheduled times throughout the semester. The machines are free to use 24/7 in accordance with the general shop policies.


  1. The green exhaust light must be on, and the local exhaust must be turned on using the power strip mounted on the wall next to the respective laser cutter.

  2. Students are responsible for clean-up after every file has been run.

  3. Students must be present when the machine is in operation. Leaving the machine unattended can result in a fire. Any machines found unattended and running will be immediately shut off.

  4. Material will not be kept in the shop for holding. Any material found in the shop is subject to being discarded.

  5. Any damage to the machine must be reported in email to immediately. Proper communication will help keep the machining running smoothly.

  6. All shop safety precautions and regulations must be followed within the Laser room.


Failure to comply with the above policies may result in removal of your privileges.

Tips and Tricks_


  1. Bring your own tape to make sure you can transport your cut pieces back to your studio desk,

  2. Test to see if the cut went through all the way by gently lifting up on a corner of your material while holding down the bulk of the material. If you move your file in the bed you cannot re-cut it.

  3. Use a sheet of thin paper to draw a reference shape when cutting things that are not specific to the laser bed size.

  4. Play with the settings and save it locally to your file. Then save these settings for yourself if you are using more of that specific material later