Powder / Resin Printers

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Powder/ Resin Printer Policies    



The 3D Systems powder printer and Formlabs Form 2 Resin Printer are for the explicit use of Princeton University School of Architecture students. Individuals who would like to use the machine must come to the shop and speak with a monitor, or shop staff member, before sending a print. Prints will only be sent by monitors or shop staff, and must comply with the following rules.


  1. All prints must be brought to the shop as watertight .stl files.

  2. It is not the responsibility of the monitors or shop staff to edit, modify, or repair your models. If your model does not comply with the printers software, you will lose your place in the queue and be sent back to make the necessary changes.

  3. Your file must comply with the following naming convention -


  1. If the print is sent alone, students are asked to take the time to extract their models from the bed. They will be guided through this process by monitors or shop staff.

  2. If the print is sent as a batch with other prints, monitors or shop staff will extract the prints for you. However, the shop is not held responsible for damaged prints during this process.

  3. Students are responsible to pay for failed prints if a failure occurs due to faulty geometry, improper tolerances, stopped prints, or if broken during extraction.

  4. The shop will pay for failed prints only if the prints fail in the event of a power outage, or other systemic shop failure.

  1. All shop safety precautions and regulations must be followed within the Print room.


Failure to comply with the above policies may result in removal of your privileges.


Tips and Tricks_


  1. Each printer has its own bed size and print tolerances. Please visit the linked documentation below to learn more.

  2. Every 3D Printing strategy has its own pros and cons, learn these by researching online or speaking with a shop employee. It will help you yield stronger print results

  3. Setting up a proper 3D Print is key to a successful print. Just because the model is watertight does not mean it will come out how you want it to.