Tormach Policies

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Tormach Policies



The Tormach is for the explicit use of Princeton University School of Architecture students. Individuals who would like to use the machine must first complete the tutorial process, which can be found in the appropriate link below. All software necessary to run the machine can be found in the SoA Computer Lab. The machine is free to use during regular shop hours in accordance with the following rules:


  1. All files are to be executed by shop staff or monitors only. Students will not operate the machine themselves unless having completed training and are supervised.

  2. Only machinable, non-ferrous metals will be permitted for milling.

  3. The shop is not required to supply end mills for use. For best results, students should purchase their own bits and keep them sharp and secure.

  4. Prior to file execution, all files must be checked for errors by shop staff or monitors. A completed checklist must accompany necessary files, end mills, and material in order for the job to be processed.

  5. Students are required to follow all orders given to them by shop staff and monitors when a file is running. Expect to be asked to return multiple times during the length of a job.

  6. Students are responsible for clean-up after every file has been run.

  7. Material will not be kept in the shop for holding. Any material found in the shop is subject to being discarded.

  8. The shop operates on a first come first served basis. Jobs are not stored in a queue or line, and will be taken only after the current job is complete.

  9. All files for a job must comply with the following naming convention-


  1. All shop safety precautions and regulations must be followed while using the Tormach.


Failure to comply with the above policies may result in removal of your privileges.


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  1. There are many websites which provide excellent education for advanced milling techniques. Youtube and Lynda are both great places to start.

  2. Keep your end mills secure and sharp by following proper feeds and speeds procedures (see link below).