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Trudy Watt

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// Trudy Watt


// M.Arch Candidiate, Princeton University SoA, 2013

// B.S. Architecture University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011

Trudy Watt is an architectural designer living in Philadelphia, PA who locates her practice at the intersection of architecture, landscape, fiction and the city. She earned her B.S. Architecture with highest distinction from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2001 and her M. Arch from Princeton in 2013. She has designed residential gardens, crafted couches in the shape of clouds, florally delighted brides, given bike and segway tours of Chicago, enjoyed time on stage, schematized residential renovations, made up stories and done a lot of dancing. A lot of dancing.


// Thesis Project

       Invented but True: Neighborhood Chronicles

       Architecture is an inherently narrative medium.

       Narrative produces attention in everyone.

       Architectural narrative creates an architectural attention in the lay public that parallels an architect's kind of attention.  

       Narrative architecture is transmissible, communicable, and attention to it spreads like a virus.


View recent thesis film shorts on Vimeo