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Lab Hours

Monday to Friday – 9:00 a to 12:00 a
Saturday – 12:00 p to 5:00 p
  Sunday – 12:00 p to 5:00 p
*Extended hours may be offered during reviews and other busy times.

Arch Lab
Monday to Friday – 9:00 a to 4:30 p
Saturday & Sunday – By appointment only

Contact Information

John Hunter
William Tansley
Phone: (609) 258-3739


The School of Architecture has two facilities available to students. The first is the School of Architecture Laboratory (aka SoA Lab), a full service model laboratory located on the School of Architecture’s ground floor. It also houses some of the latest computer-driven fabrication technologies, including two Universal Laser Systems X Class CO2 Lasers; a Precix 4’ X 8’ Computerized Router Table; and the 3-D Systems Z-650 3-D Printer. All can be utilized after the completion of orientation and training sessions. There is a material charge to students for any model prints on the Z-650 3-D Printer. There are always Shop Staff or trained Student Shop Monitors on-duty when opened. 

The second facility is the Architectural Laboratory (aka Arch Lab) which is located off the SoA grounds proper. It is a graduate level unsupervised facility and is especially conducive for large scale mock-ups, concrete casting, and other conceptualizations too big to be built at the SoA. Special assistance for projects can be scheduled through Architectural Laboratory Systems Supervisory personnel.  It is also where all Construction Methods labs are conducted.

An orientation regarding shop safety and machine operation and nomenclature is mandatory for all those interested in using either of the Labs and is given at the beginning of every semester. A fee of $50.00 per year is charged for use of the Lab for work not associated with the School, and all work of this nature must be cleared with the School Administrator prior to being scheduled.

The School of Architecture Laboratory Systems makes every attempt to assist students with material procurement, but delivery, acceptance of delivery, payment, and transport are the students’ responsibility. The Architectural Laboratory Staff are not responsible for any delivery or transport of materials ordered by students.

It is mandatory that all spray painting be done at the Architecture Laboratory and not in or around the Architecture Building. There should be no spray painting on the grounds of the Architecture Building and violators will be subject to disciplinary action. Any other chemicals purchased by students for use in their projects must have all accompanying MSDS documents and be stored off of the School of Architecture property. Any chemical product left at the School without appropriate documentation will be confiscated and discarded in accordance with university policy as stated on Princeton's Environmental Health and Safety website. 

S.o.A. Safety Manual 

 Standards and Policies For Use - Shop 

Suggested Tools

Supplier List Handout

Lab Hours And Call For Student Shop Monitors