José Aragüez

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José Aragüez is an architect and writer currently pursuing a PhD in the History and Theory of Architecture at Princeton University. He obtained a Diploma in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Granada in Spain (Honorable Mention, University Graduation Extraordinary Prize, and 1st National Prize in Architecture) and, from Columbia University, a MSc. degree in architecture (Honor Prize for Excellence in Design) and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Architectural Research. He has presented his work internationally across Europe, North America and in the Middle East, and teaches studios and seminars at Columbia University and Cornell University.

With a focus on the 20th century, José’s various research areas span the history of the disciplinary distinction between architecture and engineering; the intersection of geometry, morphology and formal thinking; the problem of criticality in architecture vis-à-vis other fields of knowledge; the study of idiosyncratic architectural pedagogies in the New York scene, and more generally, the relationship between architectural and philosophical epistemologies. His dissertation considers the problem of form as three-dimensional configuration through a particular lineage within the architecture-engineering hybrid's postwar tradition. Case studies include Italian Vittorio Giorgini (1926-2010), Israeli Michaël Burt (b. 1937), and Sri Lankan-born, London-based Cecil Balmond (b. 1943).