C.H.A.O.S. Lab

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Research site: chaos.princeton.edu

Leader: Assistant Professor Forrest Meggers

The acronym ‘C.H.A.O.S.’ stands for Cooling and Heating for Architecturally Optimized Systems as well as our interest in the flow not only of energy in heating and cooling, but also the associated entropy (chaos) generation and how the quantification through exergy analysis can help optimize building systems. By leveraging the architectural design of surfaces and mass in buildings we can uncover opportunities for system integration that provide additional flexibility in the spaces and volumes created in the architecture, while also minimizing the chaos generated by the heat transfer processes of building systems.


The 2015 CHAOS summer research team is being formed with many new exciting projects in the works. See chaos.princeton.edu for current projects

2015 Team: Prof. Forrest Meggers, Eric Teitelbaum, Jovan Pantelic, Hongshan Guo, Paul Michael Falk, Dorit Aviv, Laura Salazar, Stephen Froes, Andrew Percival, Isabella Douglas, Lindsey Conlan


The CHAOS Lab was founded by the 2014 summer research team. The primary project in the summer of 2014 has been the Beyond Shading collaboration to construct an experimental pavilion for radiant cooling using evaporative temperature depression with a geometric form that tests the hypothesis that radiant heaing and cooling can be redirected through IR reflection. Along with the beyond shading project, work has been carried out developing novel sensor techniques as well as concepts for aerial analysis of buildings with multi-rotor helicopters. The team is also exploring ideas for analyzing air conditioning units in New York, new ventiliation types for Singapore, and a lot of hands on experience constructing and analyzing experimental setups.

2014 Team Members:

Prof. Forrest Meggers
Dr. Gideon Aschwanden
Sean Coffers
Jake Read
Eric Teitelbaum
Vihar Desu
Nicholas Houchois
Louis Wang
Marcel Bruelisauer
Hongshan Guo
Jovan Pantelic