Zigeng Wang's Work “The Section of Empire” Is Selected for "Get It Louder” Exhibition

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We are pleased to announce that Zigeng Wang’s project “The Section of Empire”, completed in Andres Jaque’s studio in Spring 2014, has been selected for this year’s "Get It Louder” exhibition.

“Get It Louder” is China's most influential and closely-watched exhibition of young emerging talent across creative disciplines. This year's theme, CHAOS, is being curated by eight co-curators representing various realms of design. The curator of Architecture, Urban and Product Design is Professor Yung Ho Chang. The exhibition runs from September 5th to 17th in Sanlitun Village, Beijing.

“The Section of Empire” is the second episode in a capitalistic criticism trilogy, “A Beautiful Country,” which tries to express the tensions and contradictions in the geographic landscape of capitalist activity in the Era of Globalization.