SoA Lecture: Fabian Scheurer - Lost in Parameter Space or Digital Craftsmanship

SoA Lecture: Helmut Pottmann - Advances and Challenges in Architectural Geometryputation

SoA Lecture: Casey Reas, Ben Fry - Designing Programs

SoA Lecture: Christian Derix - Synthetic Search: The Spatiality of Computational Heuristics

SoA Lecture: "Critical Politics"

SoA Lecture: "Media Agents"

SoA Lecture: "Practice Matters"

SoA Lecture: "Pen Power"

SoA Lecture: "Urbanisms"

SoA Lecture: "Animate Matter"

Eisenman 80: Architecture and Resistance

SoA Lecture: "Greens"

SoA Lecture: "Digital Geometries"

SoA Lecture: "New Kids On The Block"

SoA Lecture: "Rustbelt"

SoA Lecture: "Old World"

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Priyanka Anne Jacob + Daniela Fabricius

TALK: Yanni Loukissas

SoA Lecture: "New Brave Worlds (Asia)"

IHUM Panel: Inventing Abstraction

SoA Lecture: "New Brave Worlds (Africa/Latin America)"

City as Loft - Adaptive Reuse as a Resource for Sustainable Urban Development

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Adedoyin Teriba + Federica Vannucchi

SoA Lecture: "Educators"

What is Cosmopolitical Design?

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Carolina Sá-Carvalho + Frances Jacobus-Parker + Pep Avilés

SoA Lecture: "Thinking Technology"

M+M Lecture: Sigrid Weigel

CAUI: Not Smart Enough

M+M Lecture: Joseph Vogl

M+M Lecture: Joseph Vogl

SoA Lecture: "Curators"

Lecture: Mark Pauly - architectural caustics, free form geometry

IHUM Symposium: The Secret Life of Plants

Studio Exhibition: "The Bowery Reimagined: Ideas City Street Fest"

Book Talk with Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio and Ed Dimendberg

Exhibition: Art of Science

Pidgin 15 Launch

Alumni Lecture: Alejandro Zaera-Polo

PLAS Lecture: Tatiana Bilbao Studio

SoA Lecture: Markus Bader, "Ephemeral"

Lisa Hsieh Dissertation Defense

Craig Buckley Dissertation Defense

SoA Lecture: HHF - Simon Frommenwiler & Simon Hartmann, "Rough"

M+M: “Looking Inward" - Conversation on the launch of Manifest

SoA Lecture: Fabio Gramazio, "Automatic"

Els Verbakel Dissertation Defense

Pidgin 16: Fiction Launch

Irene Sunwoo Dissertation Defense

M+M: Laura Kurgan, Neil Brenner, "Close Up at a Distance"

SoA Lecture: Andrés Jaque, "Ordinary"

Many Minds, Many Stripes

Technically Speaking Conversation: Forrest Meggers & John May

SoA Lecture: Santiago Cirugeda Parejo, "Cheap"

M+M: Jonathan Crary, "24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep"

SoA Lecture: Indy Johar, "Shared"

Technically Speaking Conversation: Michael Young & Andrew Zago

SoA Conference: Anonymous

M+M: Colloquium - "Ghostly Apparitions: German Idealism, the Gothic Novel, and Optical Media"

SoA Lecture: Jean-Philippe Vassal, "Raw"

SoA Lecture: Kersten Geers, "Generic"

Form Follows Technique - Richard Schultz

SoA Lecture: Alfredo Brillembourg, "Scarce"

F'13 Design Studio Reviews

Public Review: Reiser JIW

Public Review: Gandelsonas SIW

Public Review: Lewis Design Studio

Public Review: Meredith Design Studio

Public Review: F'13 M.Arch. Thesis Pass/Fail

Public Review: Allen Design Studio (Integrated Building Studio)

Public Review: Young Design Studio

F'13 MArch Thesis Reviews, "Institution Building"

IHUM Symposium: Aesthetics of Information

SoA Lecture: Joseph Grima, “The Ad-Hoc”

M+M: David Joselit, "After Art: Information Politics"

SoA Lecture: Junya Ishigami, “The Anemic”

M+M: Graham Harman, "Objects, Networks, and the Earth"

Storefront Definitions Series - R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man

SoA Lecture: Brendan McGetrick, “The Anonymous”

SoA Lecture: Frank Gehry, "The Gehryfied"

Dan Wood: Architecture, Cities and Food

SoA Lecture: Teresa Gali-Izard, "The Depleted"

SoA Conference: Data Drama

SoA Lecture: Sheila Kennedy, “The Soft”

CRAFTWORK Student Lecture Series

CRAFTWORK: Terry Knight, "Visual+ Computing"

PLOrk - Princeton Laptop Orchestra Performs with Robot

SoA Lecture: Momoyo Kaijima, “The Found”

Rob Arch 2014 SOA Robotics Workshop

CAUI Booklet I & II Launch


Book Launch: Shell Structures for Architecture

SoA Lecture: Eyal Weizman, "Forensis"

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Zaera-Polo, Kilian, Meggers

Lecture: Stadium Cultures in North and South America

Film Screening: Diana Agrest, "The Making of an Avant-Garde"

M+M: Claus Pias, "Friedrich Kittler and the 'misuse of military equipment'

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Meredith, Reiser, Allen

SoA Lecture: Michael Rock and K-Hole, “Trend Forecasting”

Meggers at Butler/PEI Energy Table

Lecture: Postwar New York

SoA Lecture: George Legendre and Andrew Witt, "Analytic Geometries”

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Allais, Gandelsonas, Young

Lecture: Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia

SoA Lecture: Philipp Schaerer and Eric de Broche des Combes, "Digital Gestaltung”

Forum: Eric Avila - Chocolate Cities & Vanilla Suburbs

M+M: Claire Zimmerman with Brigid Doherty, “The Promise and Threat of ‘Photographic Architecture’”

Book Talk: Eric Avila - The Folklore of the Freeway

SoA Lecture: Carlo Ratti and Pedro Reyes, "Smart Cities”

M+M: Megan R. Luke with Spyros Papapetros, “Kurt Schwitters in the Age of ‘Gestaltung’”

Forum: Unequal Ties - the Challenges of Urban History in the Global South

SoA Lecture: David Benjamin and David Ruy, "Bio-design”

Book Talk: Justin McGuirk - Radical Cities: Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Lewis, Papapetros, Jaque, Diller

Symposium: Reimagining the American City

F'14 Student Symposium: " F̶i̶r̶m̶n̶e̶s̶s̶,̶ ̶C̶o̶m̶m̶o̶d̶i̶t̶y̶,̶ & Delight"

Forum: Cities of Latin/o America - Culture, Policy, and Built Environments

SoA Exhibit: The Instruments Project

SoA Lecture: Achim Menges and Jenny Sabin, “Material Computation”

Pidgin 18 Launch

The Instruments Project: Princeton Conversations

SoA Lecture: Patrik Shumacher and Michael Hansmeyer, “Parametrics”

M+M: Keller Easterling with Bruno Carvalho, "Extrastatecraft: the Power of Infrastructure Space"

Forum: The Struggle for the Future of New Orleans

Seminar and Studio Presentations

SoA Exhibit: "Avatars"

The City Lost and Found Film Series

SoA Lecture: Greg Lynn and Chuck Hoberman, “Motion Dynamics”


M+M: Kaira M. Cabañas with Keith Sanborn, "Off-Screen Cinema"

SoA Lecture: Winka Dubbeldam

SoA Exhibit: Tracing Waste

M+M: Francesca Hughes with Lucia Allais, "The Architecture of Error"

SoA Lecture: Bernard Tschumi

M+M: Jörg H. Gleiter, "Philosophical Flaneur: Nietzsche’s Discovery of the City"

SoA Lecture: Hashim Sarkis

Symposium: Producing Waste/Producing Space


Exhibit: "The Built Environment - Design for Life," Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie - with presentation by Forrest Meggers

M+M: Giuliana Bruno with Thomas Y. Levin, "Surface: Matters of Aesthetics, Materiality and Media"

SoA Lecture: Jonathan Massey

Princeton University/University of São Paulo: Fluvial Metropolis Workshop

SoA Exhibit: Projections - Recent Works by Young & Ayata and Norman Kelley

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Ashley Lazevnick + Ignacio G. Galán


Luis Castañeda - The Modernist Frontier

Conference: Learning from/in Latin America

SoA Lecture: Rodolphe el-Khoury - Cancelled


City as Stage / Art as Plan

SoA Lecture: Elizabeth Diller

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Evangelos Kotsioris + Chris Reitz

SoA Lecture: Hernan Diaz Alonso

M+M: Kaja Silverman with Eduardo Cadava, "THE MIRACLE OF ANALOGY, or, The History of Photography, Part 1"

SoA Exhibit: Frederick Kiesler's Magic Architecture

Forum: Andrés Jaque/Office for Political Innovation

Workshop: Frederick Kiesler’s Magic Architecture

SoA Lecture: Wiel Arets

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Erica DiBenedetto + Nathaniel Wolfson + Joseph Bedford

SoA Lecture: Amale Andraos

Symposium: The State Between

S'15 Design Studio Reviews

Labor Day

Graduate/undergraduate academic year sign-in begins

SoA Exhibit: Ultrastructures

Graduate School Orientation

Seminar and studio presentations

Classes Begin


Fall 2015 M.Arch Declaration of Thesis

Undergraduate Add/Drop Deadline

M+M / Hal Foster, "In Praise of Dead Art"

Mellon Forum | The Color of Modernity

Manifest ParaTours – Adventures in American Architecture

Mellon Forum | J.B. Jackson's Vision of the City as Part of the Landscape

URB Film Series | Avalon

SoA Exhibit: MOS - Videos and Rocks

SoA Lecture: Jinhee Park

Mellon Forum | Race, Real Estate, and Architecture

URB Film Series | Si Se Puede

M+M / Mabel O. Wilson, "Becoming History: The Spatial Politics of the Black American Public Sphere 1895-1965"

M+M / Lukasz Stanek, "Team Ten East"

SoA Lecture: Lukasz Stanek

SoA Lecture: Jan De Vylder

SoA Lecture: Monica Ponce de Leon

M+M / Greil Marcus with Hal Foster on Two New Books

Mellon Forum | Literature Between Home and the City

Conflict Shorelines: History, Politics & Climate Change

M+M / Eduardo Cadava, "When I Was a Photographer: Nadar's Modernity"

Mellon Forum | Over the Ruins of Amazonia

SoA Lecture: Mimi Hoang / Eric Bunge

Mellon Forum | Latin America, Space and the Cold War

Mellon Forum | Inscribing Home in the City in Mexico and Colombia

Conference: Postmodern Procedures

M+M / Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, "Are We Human? : The Design of the Species"

Mellon Forum | The Future of Public Housing

Final Studio Reviews

PEI Faculty Seminar Series: Mario Gandelsonas, The Des Moines Farming Corridor

SoA Exhibit: Itineraries - 2015 Butler Traveling Fellowships

Classes Begin

SoA Exhibit: Commonplace

Studio and Seminar Presentations (including studio lottery)

SoA Lecture: Cynthia Davidson

Conference | After the Spectacular Image: Art, Architecture, and the Media of Climate Change

M+M / Mark Wigley and John Harwood, "Buckminster Fuller Inc.: Architecture in the Age of Radio"

SoA Exhibit: DOME / КУПОЛ

Midterms/Midterm Reviews

Spring Recess (Studio Trips)

SoA Exhibit: A Citizen’s Guide To Real Estate Investment

Last Day of Classes

Final Studio Reviews

Spring Term Examinations

Faculty Deadline for Undergraduate Course Grades

Faculty Deadline for Graduate Course Grades

Spring 2016 Term Ends


Class Day; Graduate School Hooding Ceremony

Commencement Day

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