05.14.14 to 05.16.14

Rob Arch 2014 SOA Robotics Workshop

Kilian, Johns, Foley

Rob Arch Robotics workshop at the emodied computation lab/greyshed

Embodied Computation Lab, conferences


PLOrk - Princeton Laptop Orchestra Performs with Robot

Kilian, Johns, Avis, PLOrk

collaboration between PLOrk and robotic arm with Ryan Johns and Charles Avis from SOA

Embodied Computation Lab


Robotic Arm Operational

Kilian, Johns

The ABB 7600 robot arm donated by BMW is set up in the Arc Lab

Embodied Computation Lab


S'13 Thesis: Ryan Johns

Johns, Reiser

“Mixed Reality Modeling”

thesis, m.arch


F'11 Studio: Ryan Luke Johns

Johns, Zaera-Polo

Graduate Design Studio: "Localising Networks: Physical Terminals for Web 2.0 Engines" Faculty: Alejandro Zaera-Polo

studio, m.arch