F'13 Studio: Phi Van Phan

Small volumes are elevated 12’ above the ground with steel stilts, one at every corner. Each volume has two entrances, a window, and a unique interior configuration that is capped with a skylighted roof (available in peak, inverse peak, sawtooth, or vault varieties). They are mostly privately-owned spaces for sleep, leisure, production, etc., though that can be negotiated. All these differences are more-or-less a secret. A wooden screen wraps the sides of each volume, producing the image of an abstract and anonymized box; a wooden platform, identical in appearance to the screen, connects the boxes into a field of mini-villas.

Each volume, on account of its leggy structure, registers only four points on the ground. Though they are rigorously organized above, they generate seemingly incidental, abstract fields of structure below. The stilts touch down on hard-surfaced, softly-rolling hills and the occasional planted mound, between kitchen islands, fireplaces, couches, stairwells (one for each volume above), playgrounds, dinner tables, and other equipment for living and playing. Everything in this vast space is shared and up for negotiation. At the outmost edge—near where the less sociable tend to live—is the enclosure of mullion-less glass panels, some of which slide aside for people and breezes.