F'12 Thesis: Francois Leininger


Francois Leininger
M.Arch Thesis Fall 2012
Faculty Advisor: Alejandro Zaera-Polo
Project Title: "Grassroots Monumentality"
Proposed project location: Midway Plaisance, Chicago, Illinois, USA

This thesis proposes a new model for future presidential libraries. The work is based on a long study of current models - including an interview project at all 13 existing libraries presented as an installation using to TVs and a series of photographs on one of the gallery walls. The work is also grounded on a reflection about a new form of monumentality - grassroots monumentality, one that fits a context of austerity and economic troubles, is inspired by the Obama presidency specifically, and is influenced by the local context picked for this project(here the South Side of Chicago). The project proposes a library shaped as a public square, and a endless museum gallery blended with the Midway Mall.

All images above are © Francois Leininger, 2013.