02.25.14 to 03.12.14

Liquid Landscapes/ A Twenty First-Century Water Park exhibition

Princeton School of Architecture and the Senior Urban Studio present:

Liquid Landscapes/
A Twenty-First Century Water Park

exhibition duration: 25 Feb-12 Mar, 2014
opening reception: Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014, 7pm

James S. Hall ’34 Memorial Gallery, Butler College

Professor: Mario Gandelsonas
Assistant, exhibition curating and design: Evangelos Kotsioris
Students: Ryu Ahn, Charlie Avis, Tien Chen, Samantha Gebb, Matt Farris, Greta Hayes, Olivia Huang, Ani Ivanova, Cody Kitchen, Peyton Knisley, Ali Mills, Katherine Ortmeyer, Amanda Santillo, Isabelle Song, Patrick Sumner, Donald Taylor-Patterson, Alejandro Arroyo Yamín.

The Senior Urban Studio at Princeton SoA
This exhibition presents the student work of the Senior Urban Studio offered at the Princeton School of Architecture. This is the second consecutive year that students majoring in architecture have the opportunity to show their work at the James S. Hall ’34 Memorial Gallery at Butler College. The 2013 Senior Urban Studio was jointly developed in conjunction with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of São Paulo (FAU USP), Brazil. The studio trip to São Paulo during the fall term break was an opportunity for a joint presentation of the student projects and a discussion to assess and compare the different architectural and pedagogic approaches to the program. The students visited the city, its major public spaces and architecture, and the site of the final project, São Miguel Paulista.

Made possible through the generous support of The Council for International Teaching and Research and the Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS) at Princeton University, with special thanks to Matthew S. Lazen and Betty Stein at Butler College.

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