Manuel DeLanda

Manuel DeLanda

Published Books

1991.  War in the Age of Intelligent Machines.  Zone Books, New York. Translated into Japanese and Italian.

1997.  A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History.  Zone Books, New York. Translated into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Croat, Turkish.

2002.  Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy.  Continuum Books, London.

2006.  A New Philosophy of Society.  Continuum Books, London

2010.  Deleuze: History and Science.  Atropos Press, Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

2011.  Philosophy and Simulation.  Continuum Books, London

Published Essays: Architectural

1998.  "Meshworks, Hierarchies, and Interfaces." In The Virtual Dimension:  Architecture,  Representation, and Crash Culture ( Princeton Architectural Press).

1998.  "Intensive and Extensive Borderlines." In Lebbeus Woods: Borderlines (Springer).

2001.  "Philosophies of Design: The Case of Modeling Software." In Verb: Architecture Magazine (Actar).

2002.  "Deleuze and the Use of Genetic Algorithms in Architecture." In Designing for a Digital World (Wiley-Academy).

2004.  "Material Complexity." In Digital Tectonics (Wiley-Academy).

2004.   "Anexact Yet Rigorous." In Lars Spuybroek: NOX (Thames & Hudson). 

2005.  "Vienna Out of Equilibrium." In Lebbeus Woods: System Wien (MAK Center).

2005.  "Matter Matters." Column in Domus Magazine. Issues 884 to 897 (Domus).

2007.   "Material Elegance." In Architectural Design. 185. (Wiley)

2009.   "The Limits of Urban Simulation." In Architectural Design. 200 (Wiley).

2010.  "Cities and Nations." In The Ashgate Research Companion to Planning Theory