PhD Candidate Ivan L. Munuera to teach at Architectural Association School of Architecture this Summer

The AA Summer School 2019 presents a programme of design studios, field study, seminars and lectures that emphasise the importance of both practice and theory in contemporary architecture. Based on the AA’s unit system, it offers participants a selection of varying design approaches, agendas and techniques, and represents a uniquely intensive and intimate environment that aims to expand formal and intellectual resources.

Tutors, lecturers and critics include past and present AA unit masters as well as professionals pooled from disciplines as diverse as fashion, art, graphics, industrial design, urbanism and film. The course is for current and prospective architectural students from around the world. It offers an approach to architectural design for motivated students interested in exploring architecture as an extended field of research.

Contagion on Architecture and Epidemics

Andrea Bagnato & Ivan Munuera
The urbanisation of the planet is playing a major role in the spread of new diseases and infections. Contagion depends on population growth and density, and this course will map how architecture and urbanisation shapes epidemics. Focused on a number of case studies – each related to a specific architectural scale – we will investigate epidemics to unpack disputes over territory, urban infrastructures, public spaces, borders, and environmental violence.