Liam Young Brave New Now F'14 Studio


505a Graduate Design Studio: Liam Young

Princeton School of Architecture Graduate studio coordinated by Visiting Professor Liam Young.  The 2014 studio was developed in collaboration with Eyal Wiezman, SCANLAB and Jamon Van Den Hoek of NASA.  Research seminars were coordinated by Princeton Ph.D students Elis Mendoza Mejia and Megan Eardley.

Projects explored the politics of machine vision within the context of the forests of Guatemala.  In this context satellite imagery, LIDAR scanning and aerial photography has been deployed in war crimes trails bought against Guatemalan military leaders of the 1980's and forensic futures practices looking at the potential effects on local indigenous populations of large scale hydro electric infrastructures.

Students in BRAVE NEW NOW 2014 were Patricia Chia, Joanna Grant, Wan Li, Vincent Mayer-Madaus, Ray Lim, Rennie Jones and Daniele Profeta.

Support for the studio came from ScanLab, human rights lawyer Hannah Robinson, Paulo Tavares, and Guatemalan non profit ODHAG.

The student films produced for this class are collected in a Vimeo channel:


Cover image by Patricia Chia.