Andrew Laing



Visiting Lecturer, Urbanism
B.Sc. Arch (Hons), University College London
M. Phil., Town and Country Planning, University College London
Ph.D., Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Andrew Laing, PhD. is a consultant and researcher in workplace strategy, design and urbanism. He was recently the head of Workplace Strategy and Design at Bridgewater Associates, LP.

He was the global practice leader for the Strategy Plus practice at AECOM (formerly DEGW). Laing set up the DEGW practice in New York in 1998, having worked with DEGW in London since 1989. He was educated at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, where he was influenced by Reyner Banham, Robert Maxwell, and Adrian Forty. He received a doctorate in urban studies and planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has written many articles on workplace design and authored New Environments for Working (1997) with DEGW founder and Princeton graduate Francis Duffy, and was the co-author of The Responsible Workplace (1993). He has taught at Princeton since 2007. During 2013-2015 he taught a class on New Directions for Development: Rethinking Workplaces, Buildings, and the City at Columbia University’s graduate program for real estate development.

Laing's clients have included many organizations interested in workplace innovation and information technology, such as Accenture, Google, Microsoft, Nike, and the United Nations. His interests span the changing worlds of work, technology and the design of places at multiple scales from the workplace to the urban. Much of his work has focused on the implications of new ways of working for the design of buildings, the nature of place, sustainability, and the city. He is interested in exploring the impact of information technology on the design of places and the city.

Recent speaking engagements:

Harvard University, Real Estate Weekend, ‘Workplace Shifts’, expert panel, April, 2017.

Urban Land Institute, Super topic keynote address: ‘Office: the Continuing Evolution of Workspace’, Houston, May, 2015

Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Summit conference plenary, ‘Directions for Change in the Design of Learning Spaces for Medical Education: Global Insights’, with Jonas Nordquist, PHD, Milan, Italy, Sept. 2014.

Global Cities Institute, University of Toronto, Global Cities Summit, ‘Globally Networked Urbanism’ May, 2014.

CURE, Columbia University, Center for Urban Real Estate, ‘Work and Workplaces in the Digital City, Building the Digital City conference, New York, November, 2013.

Recent publications:

Jonas Nordquist, Andrew Laing, ‘Towards the Networked Learning Landscape: Directions for Change in the Design of Learning Spaces’, Medical Teacher, 2015, 37: 337–343.

Andrew Laing, ‘The Implications of a Networked Urban Landscape for Architectural Programming’ Volume, 42, December, 2014, pp.68-75.

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