Senior Theses 2014-2015

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Senior Theses for the 2014-2015 year included:

Mi Reuk Ahn  — Towards a Parametric Phenomenology: Implementation of Multi-Sensory Experience in Parametric Architecture  (Faculty Advisor: Axel Kilian)

Benjamin Denzer — Pure Mobility and Pure Place - Container Corporation of America and Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies  (Faculty Advisor: Lucia Allais)

Jose Escamilla — Big Data, Big Arrows: The Implications and Paradoxical Nature of the Arrow in the Diagrams of the Information  (Faculty Advisor: Stan Allen)

Dalma Foldesi — From Stage to Screen: The Bauhaus Apparatus Between Theater and Cinema  (Faculty Advisor: Spyros Papapetros)

Michael Glassman — A New Narrative for Architecture and Time  (Faculty Advisor: Michael Meredith)

Jessica Holechek — Cataloging Domestic Space: The Aladdin Home Company as an Archive of Residential Trends in America 1916-1980  (Faculty Advisor: Paul Lewis)

James (Cody) Kitchen — A Machine that Makes the Land Pay or an Irrelevant Discourse on Values: Architecture Under Capitalism, 1915-  (Faculty Advisor: Alejandro Zaera-Polo)

Kassandra Leiva — Leisure in Motion - Insurgent French Architecture, 1950s-1970s  (Faculty Advisor: Esther da Costa Meyer)

Caleb Negash — Architecture at the Scales of the Ebola Epidemic  (Faculty Advisor: Paul Lewis)

Maryia Rusak — Constructing the Soviet Modern: Politics of Domestic Spaces  (Faculty Advisor: Christine Boyer)

Nicolas Schmidt — Third-Person Authorship - Agency in the Axonometric Video Arcade Game  (Faculty Advisor: Lucia Allais)

Misha Semenov — Playing by the Rules; Examining the Interactions of Rules, Built Form, and Social Behavior in American Residential Communities  (Faculty Advisor: Stan Allen)

Injee Unshin — Branded Architecture  (Faculty Advisor: Spyros Papapetros)

Stephanie Velazquez — A City of Symbols and Fictions - The Unique Manifestation of Gentrification in the Mission District  (Faculty Advisor: Christine Boyer)

David White — City in Search of Space - Hong Kong and the Experience of Density  (Faculty Advisor: Christine Boyer)