S'15 M.Arch Thesis Reviews


On May 20 and 21, thirteen M.Arch students presented their final thesis project installations.  Juries consisted of Princeton faculty members and the following distinguished guests:  Andrew Atwood, David Benjamin, Laurel Broughton, Felipe Correa, Jennifer Leung, Jon Lott, Carrie Norman, Bryony Roberts, Julian Rose, Sylvia Lavin, Enrique Walker, and Jeff Kipnis.

Spring 2015 M.Arch Thesis PROJECTS

Serguei Bagrianski, "On Error: Error Propagation as Syntactical Agent" (Faculty Advisor: Jesse Reiser)

Laura Britton, "Differentiated Continuity of the Urban Interior: Thresholds of Shinjuku Station" (Faculty Advisor: Michael Young)

Patricia Chia, “Constructed Topographies: A Proposal for a New Method of Architectural Production of Singapore’s Identity” (Faculty Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas)

Sonia Flamberg ,“Drawing and the sensory apparatus: updating architectural representation for the post-digital age” (Faculty Advisor: Michael Young)

Tyler Hopf, "Sensory Architecture" (Faculty Advisor: Axel Kilian)

Maggie Qianru Hua, "Living in Flows - VHO: A Network of Urban Nomads in Hong Kong 2030" (Faculty Advisor: Liz Diller)

Jaime (Ting Yan) Kwan, "S.O.S. (Systems Optimized for Subterranean Architectures)" (Faculty Advisor: Jesse Reiser and Forrest Meggers)

Ruiqing Li, “Autonomous Driving Urbanism” (Faculty Advisor: Stan Allen)

Yang Li, "The Manfrigo Competition- Realism and the Architectural Truth" (Faculty Advisor: Michael Young)

Jose Meza, "Combine to Apply: House in Princeton NJ, 2015" (Faculty Advisor: Michael Meredith)

Gina Morrow, “To the Point: Scanning and the Coordinated Surface” (Faculty Advisor: Michael Meredith and Lucia Allais)

Daniel Tappe, “City All Main Street”: Linear Urbanism in the United States / Rethinking the city of the American Southwest (Faculty Advisor: Stan Allen)

Hans Tursak, "Support/Surface Architecture: Project for the Beginnings of a Digital Complex" (Faculty Advisor: Stan Allen)

Shota Vashakmadze, “Love the Land” (Faculty Advisor: Jesse Reiser)

Zigeng Wang, “A Beautiful Country- A Fairy Tale of the Landscape of ‘Globalization’” (Faculty Advisor: Christine Boyer)