F'14 Studio: Daniele Profeta

Remote sensing technologies are altering our perception of the Landscape.
A new set of images, a digital record of the physical surface of the earth that shapes our relation with the territory.
They establish politics, protocols and economies.
These images and the meta-data that they contain become our space of investigation to affect the environment and its thick fabric of relations.

In Guatemala, digital simulations become an advocacy tool to describe the system of violence exerted through the landscape by an energy infrastructure plan.
A pattern of displacement as a continuation of colonial strategies to maintain a system of power over territory, resources and ultimately people.

Chixoy Dam 1976-1983
Xalala Dam 2014-2020
A retrospective study and a projective future simulation to expand the borders of resistance.

Project by Daniele Profeta, as part of the BRAVE NEW NOW studio at Princeton Fall 2014.
Tutor: Liam Young
Special Thanks to:
Jamon Van Den Hoek
William Trossel and SCANLAB
Resistencia de los Pueblos
Alexey Marfin