F'14 Studio: Ben Denzer

Student Name: Ben Denzer

Faculty Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas; Justin Fowler

Project Title: Infrastructure As Exoskeleton, Stowe Garden, Truth Del Este

Subject Decription:

Infrastructure As Exoskeleton

An addendum to the proposal for a Hidroanel Metropolitano de São Paulo seeking to focus attention on the infrustructural needs and locally programed potential for the Billings Reservoir area, a poorer region which is largely ignored in the original document. This proposal takes the logic of Brazilian "exoskeletons" as a method to fuse local program with megaform infrastructure. 

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Stowe Garden

A Bloomian re-writing (analogous to Alberti on Vitruvius) of a 17th century descriptive text on Stowe Garden synthesizing its poetry and catalogued visual descriptions into a single poetic object; turning the book into a device for experience as opposed to sole explanation. The set of 23 signatures translates Stowe's sequences of architectural follies into sequences of physical pages / layered transparencies. Each signatures
corresponds with a particular path; key is on sleeve.

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Truth Del Este

A parafictional history of Burle Marx's Parque del Este in Caracas Venezuela. Starting with a critical reading of Berrizbeitia's definitive text on the subject, the narrative uses a newly discovered historical archive to unravel a story of oil and corruption, concealment and deceit.

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