Hal Foster

Hal Foster, Townsend Martin '17 Professor of Art and Archaeology, came to Princeton in 1997. He teaches courses in modernist and contemporary art and theory; he also directs the graduate proseminar in art-historical methodology. Foster is a faculty member of the School of Architecture and an associate faculty member of the Department of German; he also works with Media and Modernity, European Cultural Studies, and the Ph.D Program in the Humanities. His latest book is The Art-Architecture Complex (2011), a sequel to his "Design and Crime" (2002); his "First Pop Age: Painting and Subjectivity in the Art of Hamilton, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Richter, and Ruscha" also appeared in late 2011. Foster is presently at work on a theory of modernism as a way (in the words of Walter Benjamin) "to outlive culture, if need be." A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he writes regularly for October (which he co-edits), ArtforumThe London Review of Books, and New Left Review.

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