When Architects Run Your Building

In an article published last week in The Architectural League's Urban Omnibus, titled "When Architects Run Your Building," architect and writer Susanne Schindler explores the fascinating 40-year history behind The Architects Housing, in Trenton, NJ, designed by Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham, the firm of the School of Architecture's founding dean Robert Geddes. 

This home for seniors in the capital of New Jersey was once thought to be an “alternative to the red tape and bureaucracy usually involved in producing publicly sponsored architecture.” It is the result of a design competition sponsored in 1974 by the Central Chapter of the New Jersey Society of Architects, which drew heavily on a research study sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and undertaken by Princeton University faculty members, sociologist Galen Cranz, and architect Tom Schumacher.  The building is still owned and managed by a nonprofit that is comprised entirely of architects.

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