Spring 2018 AI Appointments

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The deadline to apply for Spring 2018 Assistant-in-Instruction (AI) appointments has passed. Please direct any questions to Amber Lee at amberlee@princeton.edu.

As part of the online questionnaire, students should upload an up-to-date resume/CV (to be submitted as a PDF file).

There is mandatory training for all first-time AIs on February 1-2, 2018.  This is a requirement of the Graduate School, regardless of previous teaching experience, and is taught by The McGraw Center. There is no make-up date -- if you cannot attend this training session, you cannot be an AI.

Please note:

  1. The number of AI positions and hours assigned to each AI is determined by the Dean of the Faculty and is absolute. The position is also dependent on enrollment. If a course does not meet the required enrollment number, the AI appointment will unfortunatelly be cancelled. The department can not replace this appointment. Conversely, if enrollment in courses increases after December 17, additional AI positions will become available and students who applied for those positions will be contacted after December 17th.
  2. Ph.D. students who are in ET/DCC status are ineligible for AI positions.
  3. In order to AI a course, students must be available at the meeting times listed with each course.
  4. Selection of AIs is at the discretion of the faculty member teaching each course and is subject to approval by the DGS.

The courses requiring AIs are as follows:


Spring 2018 Courses:

ENG 391B/ARC 200 Experimenting in the Dark Times (Introdcution to Urban Studies) (6 AI hours)
Mitch McEwen and Autumn Womack

This course, cross listed between SoA and English, will need an AI who can assist in the instruction of drawing and model making for students with no experience in either.  This should include drawing by hand, as well as Adobe Illustrator, and some Rhino or other 3D software.  AI should be highly effective in orthogonal projection and perspective (1/2/3-point), as well as collage.  Model making should include experience with the CNC mill and RhinoCAM, as well as laser cutter, and techniques with hand-tools. AI will also need to coordinate presentation space occasionally with the English department.  Any experience with mapping is a plus.

ARC 204: Introduction to Architectural Design (6 AI hours)

Paul Lewis, Annie Barrett

AIs will be responsible for advising a section of this introductory design studio, in collaboration with Paul and Annie. As such, they will be meeting with their group of students (about 8-10 students) for twice weekly desk critics/ technical workshops /reviews.  

URB 201/ARC 207: Introduction to Urban Studies (1.5 AI hours, 7-8 positions)
M. Christine Boyer

Applicants must explain on their application what preparation they have already had with respect to urbanism that enables them to teach precepts based on contemporary issues of urbanism. Each precept is responsible for 1 1/2 hour precept weekly. This includes reading the required readings all posted on blackboard, helping to prepare the mid-term examination [week 7], grading the mid-term examination, helping to prepare the final examination/report  [due Dean's date], grading the final exam/report. There is also a required weekly preceptor meeting with me to go over issues about the various precepts. 

ARC 351: Junior Studio (6 AI hours)
Haley Eber

Qualifications: Master’s or a Ph.D. student. The AI will need to participate in desk-crits and reviews, and be instrumental in helping the students conceptualize and develop their design projects, through a range of tools and methodologies.

ARC 502: Architecture Design Studio (6 AI hours)
Mónica Ponce de León, Iman Fayyad

Qualifications: Advanced MArchs with strong drawing and model making skills. Studio AIs should attend and participate in all public reviews, and be available to students for informal desk critiques. AIs shall also provide one on one assistance with technical issues from drawing to model making. Studio AI will organize all rooms, reading assignments, background material for design problems, help with organization of travel, update Blackboard site, schedule and coordinate reviews.

ARC 504: Integrated Building Studio (6 AI hours)
Frank Barkow/R. Leibinger

Ph.D. students who can provide strong instructional support. 

ARC 506A: Architecture Design Studio (6 AI hours)
Stan Allen

Advanced MArch or PhD with a design background with strong design skills. Studio AI should attend and participate in all public reviews, and be available to students for informal desk critiques.  Studio AI will organize all rooms, reading assignments, background material for design problems, update Blackboard site, schedule and coordinate reviews.

ARC 506B: Architecture Design Studio (6 AI hours)
Andrés Jaque

"The studio will focus on the exploration of the role design can play helping to politically intervene interescalar realities, that are currently reshaping human existence. The studio will work from a material perspective (as it has been defined in the tradition of the STS -Studies of Science and Technology-, and in the way the material embodiment of the political has been tracked by authors like Andrew Barry and Noortje Marres). Candidates to this AI position will be required to assist in the making of the documental frame the studio will work with, in the management of the group's calendar, and in the moderation of the sessions. AI will be consider a fundamental voice in the studio dynamics and discussions."


ARC 508A: M. Arch Thesis Studio (6 AI hours)
Elizabeth Diller

Ph.D. students who can provide strong instructional support. 

ARC 508B:  Post-Professional Thesis Studio (6 AI hours)
Michael Meredith

The desired candidate(s) to AI Post-Prof. Thesis Studio (ARC 508B) should excel in time management, while at the same time demonstrating a flexibility and breadth in fulfilling any requests for assistance (in weekly meetings, short but high-intensity charrettes, eleventh-hour preparations . . . for work that varyingly requires hands-on making, a familiarity with digital fabrication tools or software, project representation or post-production, and more.) Graduate standing is required. Responsibilities for any candidate(s) include but are not limited to: working, as a group with other AIs, to assist with the tangible making, digital modelling, representation of thesis research, prototyping, and more; aiding, individually, a number of thesis candidates with exhibition planning, realization, and installation for their works; helping with the preparation or presentation of work in alternate formats (in print, online, exhibited, performed, and so on); and the general set-up, documentation, and tear down of an end-of-semester thesis exhibition. AIs will be required to install and deinstall the New York thesis exhibition.

ARC 509: Integrated Building Systems (2 AI hours)
Peter Pelsinski

Applicants will be required to aid in lab work exercises as well as participate in semester long design build project