Senior Theses 2015-16


Senior Theses for the 2015-2016 year included:


Sandy Bole — Clean resources, old land, and new typologies: Adapting urban planning to new opportunities for solar, wind and geothermal power (Faculty Advisor: Alejandro Zaera-Polo)

David Fisher — Urban theory in 20th century America and its influence on military architecture in the presidio of San Francisco: From military base to national park (Faculty Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas)

Luke Hamel — Backyard Forgotten, Terrain Vague: The present and future development of the Eleonas of Athens, Greece (Faculty Advisor: M. Christine Boyer)

Angeline Jacques — Where are your waters? Recontextualizing Sao Paulo's Rivers (Faculty Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas)

Victoria Kizza — Cities of the Outside: An Investigation into the Importance of African Building and Cultural Practices, Beliefs and Perspectives in the Evolution of the Architecture of the Swahili Coast (Fauclty Advisor: M. Christine Boyer)

Patrick Konttinen — Education in America: Learning from the Casino (Faculty Advisor: Jesse Reiser)

James Kuprenas — The Paradox of Sprawl in Los Angeles (Faculty Advisor: Aaron Shkuda)

Jeffrey Liu — A Hierarchy of Simultaneous Temporalities: Negotiating stasis within an architecture of continual transformation (Faculty Advisor: Jesse Reiser)

Alexander Walter — A distant timber skyline: An investigation of wood as an integrated structural and aesthetic building material (Faculty Advisor: Forrest Meggers)

Maria Yu — Choreographing architecture: The body and the building (Faculty Advisor: Hayley Eber)