SoA Students Curate Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016


Princeton University School of Architecture PhD candidates Lluis Alexandre Casanovas Blanco and Ignacio González Galán were selected as two of the five chief curators of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016: After Belonging. The exhibition, which opened on September 8th, has opened with great success and received praise from reviewers.

About the exhibition, the curators explain, "The 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale designs the objects, spaces, and territories for a transforming condition of belonging. Global circulation of people, information, and goods has destabilized what we understand by residence, questioning spatial permanence, property, and identity—a crisis of belonging. Circulation brings greater accessibility to ever—new commodities and further geographies. But, simultaneously, circulation also promotes growing inequalities for large groups, kept in precarious states of transit. After Belonging examines both our attachment to places and collectivities—Where do we belong?—as well as our relation to the objects we own, share, and exchange—How do we manage our belongings?"

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