02.20.13 to 05.23.13

S'13 SoA Lecture Series: "What I Did Next"


Videos now available on Vimeo

During the academic year 2012/13 Princeton SoA will stage a series of public conversations around alternative practices in architecture through the work of 85 distinguished alumni from the last 25 years. At a moment when the profession is going through some important questions on a global scale, we will explore the broad range of practices of our recent alumni that spin from or gravitate around architecture, seeking alternatives to the established forms of architectural practice. We will highlight Princeton's commitment to experimental work at the edge of the discipline, and on our alumni's engagement with a wide range of contemporary practices to outline propositions for alternative forms of practice. We intend to feature these practices as a sample of the issues that the contemporary practice of architecture has to address, to foreground relevant areas of interest and opportunity. Eight sessions will be held during the Fall '12 term, and eight more during the Spring '13 term, featuring different practice formats, geographies, ideologies and technologies.  Curated by Alejandro Zaera-Polo.

Lecture dates below.  F12-S13-LS-Poster.pdf


WEDNESDAY, February 20, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
New kids on the block
Chris Leong, Leong-Leong Architecture
Emily Abruzzo/Gerald Bodziak, Abruzzo Bodziak Architects
Julian Rose/Garrett Ricciardi, Formless Finder
Hayley Eber, EFGH
Urtzi Grau, Fake Industries


WEDNESDAY, February 27, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
Alex Mergold, Austin+Mergold; lecturer at Design and Environmental Analysis in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University
Meredith Miller, Assistant Professor, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, University of Michigan
Sergio López-Piñeiro Perez, Holes of Matter; Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, University of Buffalo
Troy Schaum and Rosalyne Shieh, Schaum/Shieh; Schaum-Assistant Professor, Rice School of Architecture and Shieh-Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan

WEDNESDAY, March 6, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
Old World
Alex Haw, Atmos Studio Limited, London
Angel Borrego Cubero, OSS-Office for Stategic Spaces
Jörg Stollman, Urbaninform; CUD Chair for Urban Design and Architecture, TU Berlin
Jürgen Mayer, J. Mayer H. Architects
Merritt Bucholz, Bucholz McEvoy Architects Ltd

WEDNESDAY, March 27, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
New Brave Worlds (Asia/Russia)
Eunice Seng, Sci Skew Collaborative
Wenjing Huang, OPEN Architecture
Ling Fan, FANStudio
Marisa Yiu, Founding Partner, ESKYIU; Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Rossana Ru-Shan Hu, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, Design Republic

WEDNESDAY, April 3, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
New Brave Worlds (Africa/Latin America)
Alysa Nahmias, Ajna Films
Dirk Hebel, DRKH Construction Research Singapore; Assistant Professor of Architecture and Construction, Future Cities Laboratory - SEC Singapore ETH Centre
Kunle Adeyemi, NLÉ Works
Leonardo Díaz-Borioli, Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University

WEDNESDAY, April 10, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
S. M. Can Bilsel, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Art, Architecture + Art History, & Director of the Architecture Program, University of San Diego
Sarah Whiting, Dean, Rice School of Architecture
Jonathan D. Solomon, Associate Dean, School of Architecture, Syracuse University
Jonathan Massey, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Syracuse University
Rodolphe El-Khoury, Associate Professor, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design,.University of Toronto; Khoury Levit Fong

WEDNESDAY, April 17, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
Thinking Technology
Ariane Lourie Harrison, Harrison Atelier; Critic, Yale School of Architecture
John Ochsendorf, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lydia Kallipoliti, Assistant Professor, The Cooper Union; Senior Associate, Cooper Union Institute of Sustainable Design
Nicholas de Monchaux, Associate Professor of Architecture & Urban Design, University of California Berkeley 

WEDNESDAY, April 24, 6pm, Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
Azra Aksamija, Assistant Professor, Program in Art, Culture and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Henry Urbach, Director, The Glass House, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Jana Leo de Blas, MOSIS Foundation
Mark Wasiuta, Adjunct Assistant Professsor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University
Pablo Garcia, Assistant Professor, Contemporary Practices Department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago