Ph.D. Research in Progress


Research topics in progress by students in the Ph.D program include:

Juan Cristóbal Amunátegui, Circles of Artifice: Architecture, Spectacle and Experience in Fin de Siècle Paris

José Aragüez, Form’s Patterned Idiosyncrasy

Luis Avilés, Postwar Rhetoric. Technology, History, Ornament (1947-1966)

Joseph Bedford, Re-enchanting Modernism: “The Cambridge school and the hermeneutic theory of architecture (1965-1995)”

Marc Britz, Durand in Deutschland: Formal Economy, Financial Argumentation, and the Scarcity of Means in German Architecture from 1799 to 1848

Esther Choi, The Organization of Life: Architecture, Biotechnics, and the Life Sciences in Great Britain, 1929-1950

Leonardo Diaz-Borioli, Luis Barragán: Poetics and Politics of an Other Modernity

Gary Britt Eversole, The Disenchantment with Democracy:Architectural Models of Creative Self-Organization, Italy 193x-196x

Daniela Fabricius, Calculation and Risk: The Rational Turn in West German Architecture, 1965-1985

Ignacio Gonzalez Galan, The Logics of Arredamento: Circulation and Display of the Italian Interior, 1928-1963

Urtzi Grau, Replica!

Vanessa Grossman, A Concrete Alliance: Modernism, Communism and the Design of Urban France, 1958-1981

Margo Handwerker, Public Displays of Effection: Ecological Art and Utility, 1969-1984

Evangelos Kotsioris, Komp'iuter Architecture(s), 195X-198X

Anna-Maria Meister, From Form to Norm: The Systematization of Values in German Design 192x-196x

Yetunde Olaiya, Expert, Artifact, Fact: The Technopolitics of Architectural Production in French Black Africa, 1945-75

Masha Panteleyeva, First they learn to play Jazz, next they sell out the Motherland: Youth and Modernism in Soviet Russia during the Thaw, 1954-1965

Daria Ricchi, From Storia to History: Literature and Fiction in Italian Architectural Writing, 1940-1957

Federica Soletta, The Display of Evidence: Photography and the Origins of Architectural History

Michael Su, The Architecture of Synergy: R. Buckminster Fuller's formulation of a ‘Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science,’ 1915 to 1938

Meredith TenHoor, Food, Media and Spatial Politics from Les Halles to Rungis

Federica Vannucchi, From Control to Discipline: Design and Power at the Milan Triennale, 1945-1973