Computation at Princeton (C.A.P.) Workshop Series


Intro to Grasshopper
February 16th, 10:00am
SoA Computer Lab

Physics Simulations / Shell Modeling
March 2nd, 10:00am
SoA Computer Lab

March 16th, Time TBD
SoA Computer Lab

Photography Techniques
April 13th, 10:00am
SoA Photo Room

Custom G-Code
April 20th, 10:00am
SoA Computer Lab and Shops

The C.A.P. Series is open to all students of Princeton University. The School of Architecture reserves the right to change the above dates and classes if needed. The education received is extra-curricular in nature, and does not count towards necessary credit hours. All workshops are free to attend, however, there will be a maximum occupancy. The workshops operate on a first come first served basis, and the workshop leader reserves the right to ask participants to leave if they exceed expected participation, or are in breach of university policies. Please field all questions or concerns to