V. Mitch McEwen Named Curator of IdeasCity

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Assistant Professor V. Mitch McEwen has been appointed Curator of IdeasCity, the New Museum's initiative that explores the future of cities with culture as a driving force. IdeasCity is a collaborative, creative enterprise that—through conferences, workshops, commissions, projects, and exhibitions—investigates key issues, proposes solutions, and seeds concrete actions around a convening of an international network of thought leaders and cultural activists. As Curator of IdeasCity, McEwen will steer the framework for the 2018–19 cities and launch an open call for cities around the world to apply for the 2020–21 cycle.

In a press release, Toby Devan Lewis Director of the New Museum Lisa Phillips said, "We are delighted that McEwen will join the stellar IdeasCity team at the New Museum for the next two-year cycle. As a practicing urban designer and professor of architecture, she is keenly attuned to the built environment and will bring intellectual rigor to thinking about urban design and planning as we continue to engage with cities who believe in culture’s capacity to affect progress,”

McEwen stated, “The New Museum, an institution founded by curators, has consistently advocated for artists as idea leaders. IdeasCity brings that ethos to the streets and a broader public to accelerate the kind of creative knowledge-sharing that opens new possibilities in our everyday lives. There’s a responsibility right now—at this seemingly precarious moment—to not be shy or afraid, but to be bolder than ever and make the most of the connections we have with each other.”