Zulaikha Ayub

PhD Candidate, History and Theory of Architecture, Princeton SOA
MDesS, Harvard University
B.Arch, Cooper Union


Trained as an architect, Zulaikha’s research is mostly concerned with the apparatuses of media, secrecy, and technology in relation to the Manhattan Project and subsequent nuclear armaments. Reading across valences of drawing, image, science, and text, and adopting methodologies from critical geography, new materialism, and media archeology in addition to architecture, she aims to more accurately portray these histories and their entanglements with the present. Zulaikha is founding member of the critical geography collective Graphe (geo-graphe.org) and co-organizer of the Reading Matters Project (readingmatters.princeton.edu). She has taught at Pratt Institute, Mississippi State University, The Catholic University of America, and Mountainview Correctional Facility.