Rebecca Kellawan

PhD Candidate, History and Theory of Architecture, Princeton SoA

Rebecca Kellawan is a professional archaeologist and first-year doctoral student in the History and Theory tract at the School of Architecture. She received an M.A. in Historical Archaeology of the Modern World from the University of Bristol in 2007 for her analysis of ruins rumored to be from a segregated hospital for African American servicemen stationed in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. Following the completion of her post-graduate study, Rebecca worked in the private sector as an applied archaeologist for a prominent cultural resources management firm specializing in the Western United States. In her capacity as a senior archaeologist, Rebecca focused on the interpretation and management of archeological resources for various utility companies, the United States military, and federal land management agencies.

As a doctoral student at Princeton, Rebecca aims to combine archeology and architectural history to investigate power and inequality as they manifest in both the archeological record and the built environment. Through doctoral training, Rebecca hopes to develop an innovative and multidisciplinary research program to formulate new theoretical perspectives for understanding how power is embedded and expressed in the material world.