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On Pattern-Thinking: A Conversation on R. Buckminster Fuller

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On Pattern-Thinking: 
A Conversation on R. Buckminster Fuller
Daniel López-Pérez and Lars Müller
with Stan Allen, Jesse Reiser, and Jaime Snyder
Thursday, February 13, 6:00pm
Betts Auditorium, School of Architecture
Princeton University
R. Buckminster Fuller, Pattern-Thinking opening reception to follow.


Daniel López-Pérez holds a PhD in the History and Theory of Architecture from Princeton University and is an associate professor and founding faculty member of the Architecture Program at the University of San Diego. López-Pérez is the author of R. Buckminster Fuller, Pattern-Thinking (Lars Müller Publishers, 2020) and edited Fuller in Mexico / Fuller en México! (Arquine, 2015) and R. Buckminster Fuller: World-Man (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013), awarded Design Book of the Year 2013 by Architect magazine.
Lars Müller is a Switzerland based designer and publisher, and as Lars Müller Publishers, has produced over 600 titles to date. Müller is also an educator and has taught at various universities in Switzerland and in Europe, and recently at UCLA.
Stan Allen is the George Dutton '27 Professor of Architecture, Architectural Design at Princeton School of Architecture and is a practicing architect and principal of SAA/Stan Allen Architect.
Jesse Reiser is a Professor of Architecture at Princeton School of Architecture and principal of RUR Architecture DPC
—the designers of Geoscope 2.
Jaime Snyder is an educator, writer, filmmaker, and a co-founder / former Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. Snyder also serves as the active Executor of the Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller. As his grandson, he studied and worked with Fuller until his passing in 1983.



Lecture made possible by the Jean Labatut Memorial Lectures in Architecture and Urban Planning Fund. The School of Architecture, Princeton University, is registered with the AIA Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) and is committed to developing quality learning activities in accordance with the AIA/CES criteria.

Photos of this and other Fall 2019 events can be found on the Princeton SoA Flickr.
The lecture recording will be available on 
Vimeo following the event.