Spring 2020 Lecture Series & Events | TECHNO


TECHNO: Spring 2020 Lectures and Events

February 6
Jenny E. Sabin
6pm, Betts Auditorium

February 13
On Pattern-Thinking:
A Conversation on R. Buckminster Fuller

Daniel López-Pérez and Lars Müller with Stan Allen, Jesse Reiser, and Jaime Snyder
6pm, Betts Auditorium

February 27
Hernán Díaz Alonso
6pm, Betts Auditorium

March 2
Kathy Velikov and Geoffrey Thün / RVTR
6pm, Betts Auditorium

March 5 - 6
Anne Tyng: Ordered Randomness
2020 Women in Design and Architecture Conference
Sigrid Adriaenssens PhD, Sarah Bonnemaison PhD, Anda + Jenny French, Sarah Herda, Alicia Imperiale PhD, Ingrid Schaffner, Heather Isbell Schumacher, Srdjan Jovanović Weiss PhD, Richard Wesley, William Whitaker, Cameron Wu, Tamar Zinguer PhD
March 5, 6pm / March 6, 10am - 4pm, Betts Auditorium

Greg Lynn
6pm, Betts Auditorium

Molly Wright Steenson
6pm, Betts Auditorium

Lise Anne Couture
6pm, Betts Auditorium

April 13
Ruha Benjamin
6pm, Betts Auditorium

April 16
Dr. Madeline Gannon
6pm, Betts Auditorium

April 23
Iain (Max) Maxwell and Dave Pigram / supermanoeuvre
6pm, Betts Auditorium


Photos of this and other Spring 2020 events can be found on Princeton SOA Flickr.
Lecture recordings are available on our Vimeo account following the event.

Events made possible by the Jean Labatut Memorial Lecture Fund and the Kenneth Kassler Memorial Lecture Fund. The Reading Matters Project is a collaboration between the Department of Comparative Literature and School of Architecture at Princeton University. The School of Architecture, Princeton University, is registered with the AIA Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) and is committed to developing quality learning activities in accordance with the AIA/CES criteria.