Faculty Publication: Situated Objects by Stan Allen



Situated Objects is a new book by Professor Stan Allen.


Situated Objects is a collection of drawings and photographs documenting work realized by Stan Allen since 2012: a series of buildings and projects for rural sites that address questions of nature, the ex-urban landscape, design process and building technique. Best known for his work in urbanism, and the influential essay “Field Conditions,” Situated Objects shows a different facet of Allen’s creative work. “Buildings,” he writes, “structure the lives that take place within them in an intricate interplay with a larger sense of place. Yet a building does not end at its walls. Buildings are ‘situated’ objects: points in a complex field of social relations, ecological systems, cultural norms and local histories.  Architecture and landscape collaborate to create a sense of place and construct new histories over time.”


The works are located primarily in New York’s Hudson River Valley, a rich natural setting that is at once apart from and dependent upon New York City.  The book suggests new relationships between rural and urban, architecture and landscape. Presented in intricate line drawings and a rich array of photographs, they are arranged in thematic categories: Outbuildings, Material Histories, and New Natures. In addition to writings by the architect, there are insightful essays by Helen Thomas and Jesús Vassallo. The photographs by celebrated architectural photographer Scott Benedict convey the special atmosphere of the place. Taken together, the drawings, photographs and texts reflect on the relationship between architecture and landscape at a time when human impact on climate may have reached a tipping point. 


Published by Park Books