Fall 2021 Courses by Distribution








ARC 205: Interdisciplinary Design Studio  

          (T/Th, 1:30-4:20)

          Mario Gandelsonas, Chukwuemeka Chukwuemeka


req    ARC 350: Junior Studio 

          (T/Th, 1:30-4:20)

          Marshall Brown


req    ARC 404: Advanced Design Studio – Senior Studio

          (T/Th, 1:30-4:20)

          Cameron Wu




Design Seminars                  


req    ARC 403: Topics in the History and Theory of Architecture – Senior Thesis

          (W, 1:30-4:20)     

          Jay Cephas




History & Theory of Architecture                 


req    ARC 203: Introduction to Architectural Thinking    

(T/Th, 11-11:50)

Stan Allen


req    ARC 308: History of Architectural Theory

(W, 11-12:20)

Jay Cephas


ARC 450: Empathy and Alienation: Aesthetics, Politics, Culture

(W, 1:30-4:20)

Spyros Papapetros, B. Doherty





History & Theory of Urbanism and Landscape


URB 300: Urban Studies Research Seminar

(M, 1:30-4:20)

Aaron Shkuda


URB 385: Mapping Gentrification

(T/Th, 11:00 - 12:20)

Aaron Shkuda


URB 378: South Asian Migrations   

(M/W, 11:00 - 12:20)

Shoshana Goldstein




Building Technology


req     ARC 311: Building Science and Technology: Building Systems

(W, 1:30 - 2:50)

Mitch McEwen 








Studio Core - Professional    


          ARC 501: Arch Design Studio     

          (M/Th, 1:30-5:50)

          Michael Meredith & Anda French


Studio: Optional - all   


         ARC 503: Integrated Building Studio 

         (M/Th, 1:30-5:50)

         Paul Lewis, Guy Nordenson


         ARC 504: Integrated Building Studio

        (M/Th, 1:30-5:50)

         Jesse Reiser


        ARC 505A: Graduate Vertical Studio   

        (M/Th, 1:30-5:50)

        Darell Fields


       ARC 505B: Graduate Vertical Studio  

        (M/Th, 1:30-5:50)

        Fernanda Canales


        ARC 505C: Graduate Vertical Studio   

        (M/Th, 1:30-5:50)

        Liz Diller


Studio Thesis - Post-Professional   


        ARC 507: Post-Prof Thesis Studio        

        (M/Th, 1:30-5:50)

        Mitch McEwen, Jesse Reiser     




Design Seminars                            


ARC 560: Topics in Contemporary Architecture & Urbanism: Writing the


          (T, 1:30-4:20)

          Cynthia Davidson


Required - Professional


ARC 530: M. Arch Thesis Seminar     

          (Th, 9-11:50)

          Sylvia Lavin & Liz Diller


          ARC 547: Introduction to Formal Analysis   

          (W, 1:30-4:20)   

          Cameron Wu



Required - Post-Professional


          ARC 531: Proseminar for Post Prof. M.Arch

          (T, 1:30-4:20)

          Stan Allen






Seminars – PhD  


          ARC 571: Research in Architecture: Architecture in the Age of Pandemics


          (Th, 1:30-4:20)

          Beatriz Colomina


Seminars - all     


ARC 522: History of Comparative Architecture: What Color is the


          (T, 9-11:50)

          Daniel Sherer


ARC 575: Advanced Topics in Modern Architecture: Inventing the “Isms”: From “Modernism” to “Postmodernism,” 1945 - 1980

          (Th, 10-12:50)

          Anthony Vidler


          ARC 577: Topics in Contemporary Arch Theory: Atmospheric Perspectives

(W, 1:30-4:20)

          Sylvia Lavin


          ARC 548: Histories and Theories of 18th and 19th c. Architecture:

Architecture and Travel

          (W, 10-12:50)

          Kurt Forster


         ARC 594: Topics in Architecture: Building Life – Space, Field, Territory

         (F, 10:00-12:50)

Spyros Papapetros




Urban Studies                                


Seminars - all     


ARC 526: Research in Urbanism: The Geographies of Environmental


(T, 1:30-4:20)

Christine Boyer 


ARC 560: Topics in Contemporary Architecture & Urbanism: Writing the


          (T, 1:30-4:20)

          Cynthia Davidson




Building Tech                                 


Required - Professional


          ARC 510: Structural Analysis for Architecture      

          (F, 1:30-4:20) (W, 5-6 precept)

          Sylvester Black


          ARC 514: Environmental Engineering of Buildings, Part I

(F, 9-11:50)

Mahadev Raman


Required – PhD Tech Track   


          ARC 573: Computation, Energy & Technology in Architecture (Proseminar)    

          (T, 4:30-7:20)      

          Forrest Meggers


Elective - all        


          ARC 521: Elemental Building Function

          (T, 9-11:50)  

          Forrest Meggers


ARC 574: Computational Fabrication in Architecture

          (M, 9:30-11:00)  

          Stefana Parascho



          SPI 591: Policy Workshop: Climate Change, Adaptation, and the New


          (M, 6:30-9:30)

          Guy Nordenson






          ARC 562: Introduction to the Architecture Profession  

          (T, 10-12:50)    

          Bob Hillier