Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies makes AN’s 2022 in review(s) list

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A new book about Lina Bo Bardi showcases recent engagements with the architect’s all-inclusive work


Lina Bo Bardi, an architect born in Italy who moved to Brazil, where she made career designing inclusive spaces integrated with nature is the subject of a new book. Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies was published as the inaugural volume in the Princeton School of Architecture’s student-run Women in Design and Architecture (WDA) Publication Series and the result of the 2018 WDA Conference of the same name; it was edited by Princeton Dean Mónica Ponce de León and published by Princeton University Press and follows recent publications that have brought renewed international attention to Bo Bardi’s work.


The book highlights several projects by Bo Bardi, including her greatest civic project MASP and Casa de Vidro (Glass House), a property comprising several buildings that the architect used as a laboratory for testing design ideas.


Bo Bardi’s architecture was all-inclusive, open to animals and insects as well as to adults and children, but in particular it invited those typically excluded from elitist institutions. In her view, human life should always be the protagonist of architecture.