Brazil / Pertenencia & Pertinencia

LIVESTREAM: 4x4 = 16 | South American Women in Architecture

Brazil / Pertenencia & Pertinencia


The AIA DC’s Design Excellence Committee presents “Brazil / Pertenencia & Pertinencia” part four-of-four in their year-long series, 4x4 = 16 | South American Women Architects, which provides exposure and representation of unseen architecture, such as the agricultural pampas, the desert pacific beaches and the Amazon jungle, all seen from the eyes of local women architects.

This program showcases the work of architects Gloria Cabral, Marta Moreira, Mariana Simas, and Cláudia Sales de Alcântara and will examine:

  • emerging man-made materials and experimentation techniques that can be a conduct to allow social experiences and collaboration in low-income societies.
  • the design of public sector service architecture related to cultural, educational and academic buildings in the megalopolis of Sao Paulo.
  • equity and inclusion in the north of Brazil, including such themes as Collective Black Land, Discourse and Territory and Transatlantic Cities and Racial Thought.
  • the approach to rethink and give continuity to the iconic Brazilian Modern Architecture movement.

This event will be held at The Catholic University School of Architecture and Planning (DC); please join us for the livestream in Betts Auditorium.

Co-Sponsored by the Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS).