Daniela Mitterberger Teaches with Extended Reality, Human-Machine Collaboration, Construction Robotics, and Embodied Computation

Assistant Professor Daniela Mitterberger—an architect researching the relationship between humans, digital fabrication and emerging technologies—teaches new ways of designing and fabricating architecture using extended reality systems, human-machine collaboration, construction robotics, and embodied computation.

Shown here in our Embodied Computation Lab, Mitterberger wears an augmented reality headset and works with robotic industrial arms that can construct large-scale architectural prototypes. This Spring—her first semester on the SoA faculty— she's been teaching students how to develop extended reality applications for architecture and engineering, alongside introducing them to the fascinating domain of human-robot interaction. “We are thrilled that Daniela is expanding the SoA’s research and teaching in digital fabrication,” said Dean Monica Ponce de Leon.

Later this month Mitterberger will lead a workshop on “Collaborative Augmented Assembly: Task Distribution in Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly with Phone-based Augmented Reality” at ROB|ARCH 2024 in Toronto, a conference that gathers some of the world’s top researchers to highlight key currents in robotic art and architecture.

Read Mitterberger's bio here.