Recently Completed Doctoral Dissertations

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The wide range of possible research topics is illustrated by the following dissertations.

Joseph Bedford, Creativity’s Shadow: Dalibor Vesely, Phenomenology and Architectural Education (1968–89) (2017); adviser: Lucia Allais

Daria Ricchi, From Storia to History (and Back): Fiction, Literature, and Historiography in Postwar Italian Architecture (2016); adviser: Spyridon Papapetros

Luis Aviles Rincon, Rhetoric Matters: Image, Textures, and the Discussion around Modern Ornamentation (1932–61) (2016); adviser: Beatriz Colomina

Jasmine Benyamin, Towards a (New) Objectivity: Photography in German Architectural Discourse 1900–14 (2015); adviser: M. Christine Boyer

Leonardo Diaz Borioli, Collective Autobiography Building Luis Barragán (2015); adviser: Beatriz Colomina

Zvi Efrat, The Object of Zionism: Architecture of Statehood in Israel, 1948–73 (2014); adviser: Beatriz Colomina

Alicia Imperiale, Alternate Organics: The Aesthetics of Experimentation in Art, Technology & Architecture in Postwar Italy (2014); adviser: M. Christine Boyer

Molly W. Steenson, Architectures of Information: Christopher Alexander, Cedric Price, and Nicholas Negroponte & MIT’s Architecture Machine Group (2014); adviser: M. Christine Boyer

Craig Buckley, Graphic Apparatuses: Architecture, Media, and the Reinvention of Assembly 1956–73 (2013); adviser: Beatriz Colomina

Mark Campbell, A Beautiful Leisure: The Decadent Architectural Humanism of Geoffrey Scott, Bernard and Mary Berenson (2013); adviser: Beatriz Colomina

Anthony Fontenot, Non-Design and the Non-Planned City (2013); adviser: M. Christine Boyer

Lisa L. Hsieh, ArchiteXt: The Readable, Playable and Edible Architecture of Japanese New Wave (2013); adviser: Beatriz Colomina

Lydia Kallipoliti, MISSION GALATIC HOUSEHOLD: The Resurgence of Cosmological Imagination in the Architecture of the 1960s and 1970s (2013); adviser: Beatriz Colomina

Diana Kurkovsky West, CyberSovietica: Planning, Design, and the Cyber-netics of Soviet Space, 1954–86 (2013); adviser: M. Christine Boyer

Daniel Lopez-Perez, SKYSCRAPEROLOGY: Tall Buildings in History and Building Practice (1975–84) (2013); adviser: Spyridon Papapetros

Enrique Ramirez, Airs of Modernity 1881–1914 (2013); adviser: M. Christine Boyer

Irene Sunwoo, Between the ‘Well-Laid Table’ and the ‘Marketplace’: Alvin Boyarsky’s Experiments in Architectural Pedagogy (2013); adviser: Spyridon Papapetros

Els Verbakel, Of Voids, Networks and Platforms: Post-War Visions for a European Transnational City: 1952–58 (2013); adviser: M. Christine Boyer

Paul B. Preciado, Gender, Sexuality, and the Biopolitics of Architecture from the Secret Museum to Playboy (2012); adviser: Beatriz Colomina