Recently Completed Doctoral Dissertations


The following list of recently completed doctoral dissertations shows the wide range of research topics undertaken by students in History and Theory of Architecture as well as Computation and Energy. Dissertations can be viewed via Princeton University Library / Proquest

Juan Cristóbal Amunátegui, “The Société Anonyme De L’Hippodrome: Architecture and Association in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris,” 2020 (advisor: Lucia Allais)

Dorit Aviv, “Design for Heat Transfer: Formal and Material Strategies to leverage Thermodynamics in the Built Environment,” 2020 (advisor: Forrest Meggers)

Mauricio Loyola, “A Computational Method For Quantitative Post Occupancy
Evaluation Of Occupants’ Spatial Behavior In Buildings,” 2020 (advisor: Forrest Meggers)

Eric Teitelbaum “Design With Comfort: A Systems And Materials Approach To Expanded Psychrometrics,” 2020 (advisor: Forrest Meggers)

Matthew Mullane, “World Observation: Itō Chūta and the Making of Architectural Knowledge in Modern Japan," 2019 (advisor: Spyros Papapetros).

Kaicong Wu, “Robotic Assembly: A Generative Architectural Design Strategy through Component Arrangements in Highly Constrained Design Spaces,” 2019 (advisor: Axel Kilian, Forrest Meggers).

Hongshan Guo, “Energy Delivery Reconditioned for Thermal Comfort,” 2019 (advisor: Forrest Meggers).

Esther Choi, “The Organization of Life: Architecture and the Life Sciences in Britain, 1921-1951,” 2019 (advisor: Spyros Papapetros).

Federica Vannucchi, “A Disciplinary Mechanism: The Milan Triennale, 1964-1973,” 2019 (advisor: Lucia Allais).

Jose Araguez Escobar, “Rethinking the Formal Domain: Deep Scientization of Design and Architecture-Engineering Hybrid, 1956-2006,” 2019 (advisor: Sylvia Lavin).

Margo Kelly Handwerker, “Art/Work: The Systems-Oriented Artist Expert, 1968-1984,” 2019 (advisor Edward Eigen).

Anna-Maria Meister, “From Form to Norm: Systems and Values in German Design circa 1022, 1936, 1953,” 2018 (advisor: Lucia Allais).

Masha Panteleyeva, “Re-Forming the Socialist City: Form and Image in the Work of the Soviet Experimental Group NER, 1960-1970,” 2018 (advisor: Lucia Allais).

Ignacio Gonzálaz Galán, “Circulating Interiors: The Logics of Arredamento and the Furnishing of National Imaginaries in Italy, 1922-1945,” 2018 (advisor: Lucia Allais, Beatriz Colomina).

Vanessa Grossman, “A Concrete Alliance: Modernism, Communism, and the Design of Urban France, 1958-1981,” 2018 (advisor: Lucia Allais, Jean-Louis Cohen).

Joseph Bedford, “Creativity’s Shadow: Dalibor Vesely, Phenomenology and Architectural Education (1968–89),” 2017 (advisor: Lucia Allais).

Daniela Fabricius, “Calculation and Risk: The Rational Turn in West German Architecture,” 2017 (advisor: Spyros Papapetros).

Meredith TenHoor, “The Architecture of the Market: Food, Media and Biopolitics from Les Halles to Rungis,” 2020 (advisor: Edward Eigen).

Daria Ricchi, “From Storia to History (and Back): Fiction, Literature, and Historiography in Postwar Italian Architecture,” 2016 (advisor: Spyros Papapetros).

Luis Aviles Rincon, “Rhetoric Matters: Image, Textures, and the Discussion around Modern Ornamentation (1932–61),” 2016 (advisor: Beatriz Colomina)

Jasmine Benyamin, “Towards a (New) Objectivity: Photography in German Architectural Discourse 1900–14,” 2015 (advisor: M. Christine Boyer).

Leonardo Diaz Borioli, “Collective Autobiography Building Luis Barragán,” 2015 (advisor: Beatriz Colomina).

Zvi Efrat, “The Object of Zionism: Architecture of Statehood in Israel, 1948–73,” 2014 (advisor: Beatriz Colomina).

Alicia Imperiale, “Alternate Organics: The Aesthetics of Experimentation in Art, Technology & Architecture in Postwar Italy,” 2014 (advisor: M. Christine Boyer).

Molly W. Steenson, “Architectures of Information: Christopher Alexander, Cedric Price, and Nicholas Negroponte & MIT’s Architecture Machine Group,” 2014 (advisor: M. Christine Boyer).

Craig Buckley, “Graphic Apparatuses: Architecture, Media, and the Reinvention of Assembly 1956–73,” 2013 (adviser: Beatriz Colomina).

Mark Campbell, “A Beautiful Leisure: The Decadent Architectural Humanism of Geoffrey Scott, Bernard and Mary Berenson,” 2013 (adviser: Beatriz Colomina).

Anthony Fontenot, “Non-Design and the Non-Planned City,” 2013 (adviser: M. Christine Boyer)

Lisa L. Hsieh, “ArchiteXt: The Readable, Playable and Edible Architecture of Japanese New Wave,” 2013 (adviser: Beatriz Colomina).

Lydia Kallipoliti, “MISSION GALATIC HOUSEHOLD: The Resurgence of Cosmological Imagination in the Architecture of the 1960s and 1970s,” 2013 (adviser: Beatriz Colomina).

Diana Kurkovsky West, “CyberSovietica: Planning, Design, and the Cyber-netics of Soviet Space, 1954–86,” 2013 (adviser: M. Christine Boyer).

Daniel Lopez-Perez, “SKYSCRAPEROLOGY: Tall Buildings in History and Building Practice (1975–84,” 2013 (adviser: Spyros Papapetros).

Enrique Ramirez, “Airs of Modernity 1881–1914,” 2013 (adviser: M. Christine Boyer)

Irene Sunwoo, “Between the ‘Well-Laid Table’ and the ‘Marketplace’: Alvin Boyarsky’s Experiments in Architectural Pedagogy,” 2013 (adviser: Spyros Papapetros)

Els Verbakel, “Of Voids, Networks and Platforms: Post-War Visions for a European Transnational City: 1952–58” 2013 (adviser: M. Christine Boyer)

Paul B. Preciado, “Gender, Sexuality, and the Biopolitics of Architecture from the Secret Museum to Playboy,” 2012 (adviser: Beatriz Colomina)