SoA Lecture: Meejin Yoon - Prototypes and Protocols


23 February 2011
Prototypes and Protocols
Meejin Yoon, Associate Professor, Architectural Design, MIT; Howeler + Yoon
Architecture/ MY Studio

Part of the Spring 2011 Lecture Series: “Models of Design in the Age of Computation”
Organized by Axel Kilian

Art, design, and architecture all have been influenced by the advent of computation. Although their processes differ their underlying computational models have much in common. They are largely based on geometry- and image-based representation and use similar algorithms. Geometric processes continue to evolve and expand the generative possibilities but at the same time many intangible aspects of design remain underrepresented. The push for integration of non formal aspects of design in computation remains a challenge. Faced with a shortage of models, which satisfy the need for emergence, complexity, and control, architecture looks to other scientific disciplines. Ultimately design specific processes have to be developed to move forward. Speakers in the series represent different approaches to the creation of models of design. They leverage backgrounds in mathematics and computational geometry, Computer Science, Art, and Architecture. Their contributions range from the development of novel design projects enabled by distributed control systems, the creation of open source platforms, to consultancies with proprietary processes.