S'12 Thesis: Adrian Heid

Adrian Heid
M.Arch Thesis Spring 2012
Faculty Advisor: Lindy Roy
Project Title:  The Future of the Post Office: LIVSTOR

The development of telecommunication technologies in the current digital age have reached a level of smart-dumbness. Communication networks such as the postal service have generated a redundancy of physical space, all granted by its obsolete access points - the post office and other postal installations. Yet there are still some intelligent residues of the system such as its logistics and its most valuable asset - the database of addresses.

Addresses are top-down structures with an irreducible power that determine the location of where we are and ultimately where our stuff is at. With an increasing population of mobile citizens, the location of our stuff and the definition of the address are brought into question.

By collectively storing stuff, a collective address is generated allowing an alternative home to stuff - an alternative home for the mobile citizen. The architecture of this new domestic space is defined by both the  hyper-generic and the hyper-specific - the generic space of inhabitation, able to accommodate an endless range of interchangeable domestic scenarios, and the specific space of efficient mass storage and optimal packing of stuff. Reliant in equal parts on nostalgia and the latest cutting-edge communications and systems engineering technologies – looking both backwards and forwards – this project proposes a new transient domestic fantasy appropriate to our contemporary social condition.