S'12 Thesis: Jia Xin Chum

Jia Xin Chum
M.Arch Thesis Spring 2012
Faculty Advisor: Lindy Roy
Project Title:  Smart/Dumb: Net Zero is not (good) enough!


Current sustainability logics smooth over differences and deny individual subjectivities. This thesis rethinks the relationship of the individual to that of a larger ecology, reclaiming the term sustainability as a smart technology for architecture. I propose a hybridization of energy flows in the office environment – intelligently reusing physical forms of embodied energy and harnessing invisible latent energies.
This thesis attempts to identify the byproducts of daily occupancy and usage and evaluate them impartially as both potential sources of manifold energy and as design opportunities. The landscape of the office environment transforms into an amorphous energy-scape, whereby designing the workplace from the inside-out, new forms of social connections and organizations are created.